What is a school science workshop?

Children are naturally inquisitive, which makes them ideal scientists. Bot h boys and girls are curious and want to learn about the world and how it works. The minute that children start to talk – they look around and begin barrage of questions.  The most extraordinary questions are coming from their eager minds.

This is the reason why educational institutions organized workshops to accommodate this need. The goal of the workshops is to satisfy young people’s need for wisdom and to inspire and develop interest in a STEM.

What STEM is?

 STEM is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are essential subjects future energy leaders must acquire as foundation of their education.  Child’s curiosity is nurtured and re-enforced by STEM-related subjects in a fun way utilizing exciting and practical methods for the child to be exposed to science at a very early age. The important goal is to tap into the natural curiosity of the children by allowing them to explore world, and encourage them to ask questions.

Workshop topics

Children’s curiosity is ignited by wide array of over 50 topics involving Physical, Earth and Life Science; topics about Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


  1. Fundamental Forces – Children are introduced to centripetal force, gravity and inertia. There will be so many new things to experience such as the mystery of gyroscope bike wheel; excitement of coin-spinning vortex, and colorful centrifuge of balloon.



  1. Life in the Sea introduces children to the diverse wealth of life beneath the ocean’s waves


  1. In the topic – All about Animals, children are introduced to the diverse and incredible world of animals. Children have close encounter learning how specialized feathers, feet and fur of animals helped in their habitat adaptation.


  1. Green Technology is designed to teach students how power generation works and how energy can be harness alternatively to power our houses, schools, and work for the future.


  1. Science of Magic introduces children to a wide variety of scientific topics touching on optical illusions and significant observation including hydrophilic polymers chemistry.


  1. Be Sun Smart – This interactive workshop will educate students about the need to protect themselves from the power of the sun. The primary message is that UV radiation created by the sun can damage your skin if you do not appropriately protect yourself.

Enjoyment in chemistry class


  • Workshop benefits

Professional team of educators and scientists came together and created this workshop.  It is designed to accommodate all requirements for the curriculum and objectives of STEM.

  • Benefits for teachers

Teachers make use of resources available to prepare interactive science programs.

  • Benefits for students

Children will learn about science by practical means through science experiments.

Lots of gains from school science workshop

School science workshops are opportunities that are very hard to refuse. It is the most fertile grounds for knowledge to grow. Consider these features: (1) hands-on; (2) inquiry-based learning methodology; (3) standards-based pre & post assessment tools; (4) teacher resource packages; and (5) take home cards with at-home family science experiments. Materials are provided in all classes and each student receives a take-home project that relates directly to each topic.