Kindergarten Blogs that Sharing Classroom Ideas and Centres!

Kindergarten is awesome. The world of kindergarten is such a unique place… it is seriously an island of its own. The stuff we get to teach for the first time, the cats we have to herd at the beginning of each year and the growth we get to see – makes it so unique. Kindergarten blog is about preschool, kindergarten, fine motor skills, play, school readiness, early child development, reading skills, math skills, children books.

Top kindergarten blogs and education websites

Pre-K Pages –

Pre-K Pages is a resource site for Pre-K and Preschool teachers offering activities, printable lesson plans, and themes for learning in your classroom. One can network with other early childhood pre-k, preschool, or kindergarten teachers and share ideas.

Simply Kinder – Kindergarten Teaching Blog –

Kindergarten can be developmentally appropriate, academic, & fun. We take the stress out of planning these rich experiences for teachers & families by sharing activities kids will love.

The Kindergarten Connection –

The Kindergarten Connection is full of fun ideas and inspiration for the other preschool-1st grade. You will find fun learning activities designed with preschool, kindergarten, and first grade in mind. From crafts and printables to lessons, games, and more.

KindergartenWorks –

KindergartenWorks is about maintaining the beauty in teaching kindergarten through planning, classroom organization, rigorous expectations and age appropriate approach… making learning fun and the cool thing to do.

The Kindergarten Smorgasboard –

A male kindergarten teacher who loves to share ideas and tips and resources. My real name is Greg Smedley-Warren. I have been teaching for 11 years. I spent a year teaching fifth grade, two years in second grade and am now in my 9th year in Kindergarten. Kindergarten is my passion and my calling but honestly, that wasn’t how it started.

Heidi Songs | Sing-Along Songs that Teach –

She has somehow managed to stay in Kindergarten all of those years, with the exception of five years in first grade and a few months in preschooL. Combining a strong knowledge of brain research with practical experience, Heidi has created a wealth of fun and engaging teaching techniques that work well with diverse populations.

Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten –

I’m Jessica, a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mommy with a love for teaching, sharing, creating, organizing, and all things pink and sparkly.

Kreative in Life –

My name is Crystal and I live in Texas. I write the blog Kreative in Life. As a teacher, my focus was the whole child. Loving, caring, teaching and preparing children for life. I have worked in education for over ten years as a teacher, teacher’s aide, assistant Montessori teacher and substitute teacher. I have spent the last seven years teaching kindergarten.

A Teeny Tiny Teacher –

Classroom stories, projects, ideas, activities, and mishaps with a little bit of reality thrown in.

The Inspired Apple –

Abby Mullins is a kindergarten teacher. Read her teaching blog The Inspired Apple.

Kinder Craze – A Kindergarten Teaching Blog –

Maria Gavin is a kindergarten teacher, curriculum developer, educational blogger and founder of Kinder Craze.

Little Minds at Work –

My name is Tara West and this is my little piece of the internet. I am a kindergarten teacher.

Ms. Yankee’s Kindergarten Blog –

I’m Ms. Yankee (Mackenzie Yankee), a kindergarten teacher. This is my Ms. Yankee’s Kindergarten Blog. I am overjoyed to begin my fifth year at Georgetown as your child’s Kindergarten Teacher. This is my sixth year in the Hudsonville district. I have had four amazing years teaching Kindergarten at Georgetown.

Reddit – Kindergarten –

Read and share information about kindergarten on Reddit.

First Grade Blue Skies –

My name is Jennifer White and I am the author behind First Grade Blue Skies. I’ve taught First Grade and Third Grade, but currently, I teach Kindergarten at Appalachian Elementary.